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At Erik E. Kjeldsen, Attorney at Law, we strive to resolve divorce, child custody, and other legal disputes as amicably as possible when in the best interest of our client while at the same time we recognize that there are situations that may arise that cannot be resolved amicably that require tough litigation. We strive at all times to do what is in the best interest of the client.

Most people do not enter into marriage with the expectation of the relationship ending in divorce. People can change, fail to address issues which threaten the marriage, or events may otherwise occur that result in the breakup of the marriage. Divorce is difficult enough as it is, but when the divorcing couple have children together it becomes much more difficult for all involved. When couples without children divorce they oftentimes can part ways and begin a new life without their former spouse.

When the divorcing couple have children together a link between the two is created that extends well past judgment of divorce as the two parents generally will need to still work together to continue to raise the children although there may be occasions when a parent may have significant issues that may make it in the best interests of the children to limit their involvement with the children. In addition, oftentimes divorcing couples will need to address the issue of dividing the community property acquired during the marriage, which may include a spouse's retirement plan.

When a couple is divorcing and have children, the best interests of the children should come first. While amicable resolution is preferred, particularly in child custody cases, there are times when tough litigation is required to protect the interests of our client. When a trial is necessary, we will not shy away from seeking justice through litigation.

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